Construction Accidents

Aggressive Advocacy for Construction Accident Injuries

The construction industry is a vital and vibrant part of the New York economy. The physical and time demands placed on construction workers create a high risk for workplace injuries. Construction sites often have workers from many different companies working side by side. If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of a subcontractor, a worker from another company or defective products, you may be entitled to damages from the third-party who caused your harm.

Other attorneys throughout New York City frequently refer clients to the law office of Kimelman Law PLLC, to pursue third-party construction accident claims for our courtroom skills and drive to fight for the rights of our clients. We collaborate well with other attorneys who refer clients to our firm. Many injured tradesmen and women find that their workers’ compensation benefits are not sufficient to cover their losses. When a third-party is responsible for causing injuries, our trial lawyers are ready, able and willing to fight to maximize compensation for our clients.

Trial Lawyers with Experience in Complex Personal Injury Litigation

A construction site accident requires a diligent investigation from a proven legal team. Proving negligence can become complicated, especially at a large site involving numerous contractors, subcontractors and construction companies. The competing interests and different perspectives from numerous subs and companies involved in the project can quickly create confusion over the facts. We know how to investigate complex fact patterns to cut through the noise and provide accident victims with a strong voice in court.

Our personal injury attorneys are aggressive advocates for construction workers across the spectrum of accident situations, including:

Heavy equipment accidents and motor vehicle accidents

Electrical burns and electrocutions

Falls from ladders or scaffolding

Injuries caused by someone’s failure to clean up debris

Injuries suffered due to falling debris or dropped tools

Injuries from power tools and defective equipment, supplies or materials

Slip-and-fall accidents

Construction site injuries to passersby

Get the Compensation You Deserve

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